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Edfri International came into being way back in 1977 with simple objectives/goals then of reaching out with the gospel into Institutions of higher learning in Kenya-Also alongside, we immediately started assisting in a small way with education sponsorship to the needy and deserving students through primary and Advanced education programmes. We immediately put in place a Board of Directors to run all the operations of the organization, a structure which has remained the guiding factor of Edfri International.


Edfri international soon initiated the Inception of a church Kambakia Christian Centre(KCC). God spoke to me in 1990 when KCC opened up its doors as a church (and to be precise it was on 28th January 1990) and He said son "Build me a strong base here". This message came to me repeatedly over six times-In my heart I knew it was God speaking to, but did not give it much the thought it deserved until one morning in 1992 when I had gone to pray early when the same message came to me so powerfully and I found myself sweating and shaking all over..... I remember saying our loud-Lord I will! And suddenly went into a very clear trance. I saw what appeared to me as a very powerful electricity generating plant based at KCC and went instead of electricity passing through electricity lines/poles as is normal, I could see very powerful sparks of power move from the base and falling to different parts of Kenya and Africa(i.e) Ethiopia-Somali-Sudan-Uganda-Tanzania. I could tell which country these sparks were falling in as I could clearly see the African Map in the vision. The amazing thing about the sparks was, the sparks would fall in a given area and suddenly I would see people clapping their hands, and hugging and just talking about this amazing light. I would see others running to and from looking for cover and with expression of annoyance over the sudden light. The amazement still was I would see all the sparks that came out from the base into all these many Nations would come back again to the base and spark back to their Nations, and this went on and on endlessly. The big generator would generate the same amount of power despite the many sparks that left the base. Then suddenly I saw myself operating this amazing generator with tremendous joy and peace. I appeared conversant and in complete control- from my office, I looked out and saw a huge crowd that was extremely busy moving in and out with what appeared to be a great order. Then I heard a voice saying to me "This is your well trained staff". When I looked on my left side, I saw crowds of children, and the same voices said to me " and these ones are trainees who will always fill any vacant place." Then with a very loud voice I was told "Son build me a strong base" ending the over fifteen minutes of the amazing experience. I woke up felt that I was still sweating heavily and shaking all over. I remained speechless for the rest of the morning hours, gave all my thoughts to this amazing early morning experience. The vision remained in my spirit for a couple of days as I earnestly sought God for the complete meaning and understanding of this vision.

The Vision Interpreted

The vision finally unfolded as follows:

That God was calling upon me to build a strong base at Kambakia with over 1000 adults disciples and couple of hundreds of children.
The KCC would be used mightily by God to spread fires of Revival in Kenya and parts of Africa.

The Kambakia Christian Centre would be sending base of missionaries across the country and parts of Afriaca, and also would receive others from other parts of the country and parts of the continent. This would always make the base dwell in/with plenty for the main purpose of sending out the Holy Ghost fires out there in Kenya and other parts of Africa....

That this base will be a center of attraction to thousands from around the world who will come to see this which is the doing of the Lord and which is/will be wonderful in our eyes.


  • That every one who becomes a member at KCC will find his/her dignity and destiny in Jesus Christ, and would live a fulfilled life.
  • That as our generosity increases, poverty and permanent lack will be a thing of the past-as God prospers individual member and co-operatively.
  • That this will be called/known as a base of the Holy spirit.
  • That the glory of God would always be evidenced. The well trained persons are the faithful members(disciples) who clearly know, understand and believe in the vision and are always busy working out with the vision. The trainees are our children/youths who are advantaged to be born during the vision time-and therefore will grow with complete immersion of the vision from the well-trained staff. To fulfill this vision I believe I have to put in place certain measures which the Holy Spirit will use both to speed up/assist in bringing about the fulfillment of the vision even as God plays His part in His Sovereignty.

Other Works

Edfri International has spread it's wings into doing other sorts of things for the benefit of it's members and society at large. Among its objectives of formation are:

Challenging people with the Christian faith, calling people to the Christian faith, encouraging people to become members of evangelical Christian church, educating Christians in their responsibilities as members of the evangelical church and acquainting Christians with the vital issues affecting the Christian church in the world.... To own or manage hotels, bonded warehouses, storage of goods for profit, and do all things connected with forwarding business.


  • To lend and advance money or give credit to any person or company in an effort to better the benefiting parties
  • To arrange and provide for holdings of exhibitions, meetings, lectures and classes calculated, directly or indirectly to further the principle objects of the company.
  • To invest and deal with monies of the company not immediately required in such a manner as may from time to time be determined and to borrow or raise money for the furtherance of the principle objects of the company.
  • To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire in any manner any real or personal property and any rights or privileges necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the principal objects of the company.
  • To print and publish News papers, journals, books, tracts, periodicals, and other literary works and to use other means of Christian communications to assist in the spreading of the Gospel.
  • To provide and conduct such other activities as serve the interests of its members and the Republic of Kenya.
  • To provide donors and receivers any assistance upon request, an accounting of all costs and expenditure which may be involved in any work done by the company.



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